Sony 360RA Project

Eric Schilling and  Herbert Waltl mixed  Victor Manuelle's 2018 Grammy winning Salsa album "25/7" in our new immersive 3D studio. 

Great songs, great performances - even more exciting in immersive 360RA. The right stuff to uplift our spirits during these challenging times!


New Release on the mediaHYPERIUM3 label: mH3 Select INTENSIFIED 
The Pop/Rock surround sound compilation album includes songs from some of the most popular artists: P!nk, Matchbox Twenty, Rob Thomas, Seether, Evanescence, Creed, Switchfoot, America

Each song has been remixed at the Skywalker Sound Studio by producer Herbert Waltl, legendary audio engineer Eric Schilling and mastering engineer Michael Romanowski to enhance the listening experience in a surround sound environment. The results are remarkable.

Intensified-Booklet Cover RGB.jpg

Next level: Signature Sound in 3D Immersive Surround Sound paragon AG and mediaHYPERIUM joined forces to produce content for the newest, most advanced stage in audio production and playback technology. The concept goes beyond the 5.1 and 7.1 surround sound by adding height speakers to achieve an enveloping listening experience. 

mediaHYPERIUM produces audio for a presentation at MWC 2015
(Spain) and CeBIT 2015 (Germany) for Huawei Technologies’ Full Field Communications System: “MirrorSys”. The futuristic real-time sharing communication system is designed to meet the extreme limits of human visual and auditory perception in full-size images and high definition. The prototype has been shown at Huawei’s trade booth at the Mobile Conference 2015, Barcelona, Spain and at the CeBIT Computer Expo, Hannover, Germany. (The tradeshow experience has been created in collaboration with Huawei, space150 and mH)

The initial MirrorSys prototype provides 8K ultra high definition video with a 110-degree-wide viewing angle, along with a 22.2 channel sound field with imperceptible latency; offering audiences an extremely immersive audiovisual experience. 

mH audio production credits:
Herbert Waltl, producer - Louis NG, audio engineer (sound design, SFX, recording, mixing, editing) - Leslie Ann Jones audio engineer (mixing [Skywalker Sound]) - Dann Michael Thompson, 2nd engineer (mixing [Skywalker Sound]). Created and mixed at mH studios - additional mixing at Skywalker Sound – spatial mastering at Huawei SoundLab

mediaHYPERIUM3 announces the release of: FRENCH RECITAL 
Étienne Gara, violin and Sonia Achkar, piano

The complete album and its single tracks are now available for sale in multiple audio formats including HighRes, Stereo and Multichannel Surround.


mediaHYPERIUM3 announces the release of: Bach Greatest Organ Works Volume 1 & 2

The complete album and its single tracks are now available for sale in multiple audio formats including HighRes, Stereo and  Multichannel Surround.


Pro Sound News Steve Harvey writes about mH3 and Signature Sound: "Surround To Go". 

view article: PDF


The first released album on our label mediaHYPERIUM3 (mH3): Signature Sound OPUS ONE

- nominated for a Grammy Award for "Best Surround Sound Album"!

Clyne Media Press release: PDF │ website

Fraunhofer Press release: PDF │ website



Nominations have been awarded to:

-Leslie Ann Jones (surround mix engineer)

-Michael Romanowski (surround mastering engineer) 
-Herbert Waltl (surround producer).

A big shout out to Leslie and Michael for their great work and dedication to our project. We also want to express our  appreciation to the entire team who worked very hard to make the project a success, especially our legal team of Chris Castle, Holly Browde and Robert Wells; assistant engineer Dann Michael Thompson; graphic designer Andre Curry and photographer Peter Allert. 

Many thanks to the album's featured orchestras, conductors and their managers and labels: Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra; Bavarian Radio Symphony Orchestra and Chorus; Trondheim Soloists; Netherlands Philharmonic Orchestra and Malmö Symphony Orchestra.



Grammy Award Nomination, Certificates of Recognition

State Senator and Chairman of the Legislative Joint Committee on the Arts, Ted W. Lieu, surprised Herbert Waltl, surround sound producer, with a Certificate of Recognition in honor of his Grammy Award Nomination for "Best Surround Sound Album" for OPUS ONE and in appreciation of his many contributions to the Recording Arts. 

The certificate was presented by Lauren Pizer Mains, consultant to the Legislative Joint Committee on the Arts. 
I am very honored and highly appreciate the Senator's recognition - THANK YOU!

A Technology World PremiereThe release of mediaHYPERIUM’s album OPUS ONE marks the first time in the world of multichannel audio that surround sound music can be purchased and played back using a smartphone, laptop or tablet--a music industry "first."MediaHYPERIUM 3 website >>


Mercedes Benz Signature Sound DVD 
Discover a surround sound music concept that sets new standards, even for high-end audio equipment: Mercedes-Benz Signature Sound.

It’s a unique innovation which has been developed and produced exclusively for Mercedes-Benz.
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