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mediaHYPERIUM - mH is an award-winning audio/video production company; and a new technology field-development producer for audio and multimedia research institutes and software/hardware industry giants like Philips Electronics, Sony and Panasonic. 

mH has been producing music internationally on both a contract and independent basis with its partners since 1996. The company’s primary focus is working on newly developed methods of productions and digital distributions.

Through the years it became a well-known hub for spatial audio, serving a variety of listening environments: mobile, automobiles and homes.  


mH - mission

Deliver music for the most immersive listening experience in any real live playback environment.

Offer the most versatile and interconnected music service of today; a truly novel approach.

Offer a front-to-end solution for media productions to be sold in multiple formats on any consumer derivatives. 


mH - philosophy

The music industry is in the middle of a transformation. Production and marketing strategy are changing to serve new formats and consumer behavior. Content is in strong demand and mediaHYPERIUM is able to deliver. 


mH - goal

Be a center of creativity where artists and producers can shepherd their audio and audiovisual projects for the new era of entertainment.

mH - Privacy Policy


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