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Audio / Video Production

mediaHYPERIUM is an award winning full-service production company, a repository of media solutions which afford any project a wealth of resources, both artistic and technical. It offers state-of-the-art production concepts which are executed by highly experienced award winning personnel.

Its success hinges on experience and development of a set of standards for obtaining the optimum quality in all high resolution audio/video formats.
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Consulting Services

mediaHYPERIUM has been known to be on the cutting edge of technology, but is also a thought-after consultant to industry giants like Philips Electronics, Daimler, Fraunhofer Institute, Dolby Laboratories … discussing the implementation of new technology into new business ideas.
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Pro Sound News
Steve Harvey writes about mH3 and Signature Sound: "Surround To Go".

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Signature Sound OPUS ONE Grammy Award Nomination, Press Release

Clyne Media Press release: PDF │ website
Fraunhofer Press release: PDF │ website

The first released album on our label mediaHYPERIUM3 (mH3): Signature Sound OPUS ONE has been nominated for a Grammy Award for "Best Surround Sound Album."
Nominations have been awarded to:
  -Leslie Ann Jones (surround mix engineer),
  -Michael Romanowski (surround mastering engineer)
  -Herbert Waltl (surround producer).

A big shout out to Leslie and Michael for their great work and dedication to our project. We also want to express our strong appreciation to the entire team who worked very hard to make the project a success, especially our legal team of Chris Castle, Holly Browde and Robert Wells; assistant engineer Dann Michael Thompson; graphic designer Andre Curry and photographer Peter Allert.

Many thanks to the album's featured orchestras, conductors and their managers and labels: Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra; Bavarian Radio Symphony Orchestra and Chorus; Trondheim Soloists; Netherlands Philharmonic Orchestra and Malmö Symphony Orchestra.

Grammy Award Nomination, Certificates of Recognition

State Senator and Chairman of the Legislative Joint Committee on the Arts, Ted W. Lieu, surprised us with Certificates of Recognition in honor of our Grammy Award Nomination for "Best Surround Sound Album" for OPUS ONE and in appreciation of our many contributions to the Recording Arts.

The certificates were presented to surround producer, Herbert Waltl, surround mix engineer, Leslie Ann Jones, and surround mastering engineer, Michael Romanowski by Lauren Pizer Mains, consultant to the Legislative Joint Committee on the Arts.
We are very honored and highly appreciate the Senator's recognition - THANK YOU!

A Technology World Premiere
September 20, 2013
The release of mediaHYPERIUM’s album OPUS ONE marks the first time in the world of multichannel audio that surround sound music can be purchased and played back using a smartphone, laptop or tablet--a music industry "first."
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Mercedes Benz Signature Sound DVD
Discover a surround sound music concept that sets new standards, even for high-end audio equipment: Mercedes-Benz Signature Sound. It’s a unique innovation which has been developed and produced exclusively for Mercedes-Benz.
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